Copywriter, Mentor, AND Children’s Book Author??

Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Or me in a box. 

I create projects that resonate with me, and as a mom, I have been inspired to write children’s books!

I’ve created two wildly different book series. 

Snarky Mom is for all of the parents who hate children’s books. 

My Shh! We got a... books help to build critical thinking skills and allow parents to continue the conversation beyond the last page. Or just go to bed. Your choice!

What I know for sure is that you need one of these books in your nighttime routine!

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This book is hilarious! We all know that bedtimes can be one of the most stressful parts of parenting, but knowing I have this book in my arsenal tonight gives me hope that we can all end up smiling at the end of the day…fingers crossed.

Shannon Geary

“Great bedtime story with lovely illustrations. Amusing and relates to a situation that all parents and grandparents are all to well acquainted.”

Graham Tombs

“Short, sweet and oh so true! What a cute story to read with your little ones before bed and a good reminder sometimes they just need a bit more love. I highly recommend it to all my fellow parents - a great read!”


“This book was so cute I decided to order multiple copies to add to birthday gifts for all those who could use a “Phoenix” in their bedtime routine. Can’t wait to read the next adventure from the “Snarky Mom.”


“A perfectly delightful and whimsical nighttime kids book that all parents can chuckle at: the constant requests for water right before bedtime! Looking forward to reading more Snarky Mom witty and warmhearted books!”


“Ahhhhhh... the endless questions of a not-ready-for-bed child! Kudos for mom's imagination!"


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