This is the section where you get to find out about me.

Don’t worry, I’ll just stick to the cliff notes. 

I have been a copywriter for over 10 years and still going strong.

I am a seasoned entrepreneur, and a whole bunch of other things

that sound accomplished but I know you don’t really care about.

What matters now is that my biggest passion has

become coaching aspiring and current copywriters

on how to create their own thriving copywriting business. 

And I’m ready to help you do the same.

For the people who prefer stats:

*Earned over 7-figures in the last three years as a copywriter

*Named by TIME Magazine as one of Twitter’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds

(my profile was ranked in between Steve Martin and Seth Meyers and do we really have to call it X now?)

*Written for countless high-profile brands like Shiseido, Blue Diamond, and the Liver King

*Certified Taco Bell Mexican Pizza lover (this may or may not be a real thing)

My life and career have not been a success-only journey. The setbacks, failures, and pivots are what have shaped me into the resilient entrepreneur I am today. 

I have created proven methods that were forged in the fire of both triumphs and missteps.

Today, my mission is to save others both time and money by fast-passing their success through my unique frameworks. 

Time is my biggest currency and spoiler alert, it’s yours, too.

So, stop scrolling and let’s get to work!

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