Anjeanette Carter

You deserve a children’s bedtime
story you can actually relate to.

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I’m Anjeanette Carter

This is the blurb where you get to find out about me. I have been a lot of things, but these days, being a mom takes up most of my time (how come no one ever warned me about this?). I knew I had to channel my experiences into some funny books for kids… and their parents. Content creation in all forms has been my sandbox for decades. I was named by TIME magazine as one of Twitter’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds, I am a seasoned entrepreneur, and a whole bunch of other things that sound accomplished but I know you don’t really care about.

Most recently, I’ve created the Snarky Mom book series. A way to make bedtime not only fun for your kids but for you, too.

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You’re going to have to read a
bedtime story anyway

You might as well get a laugh out of it!
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